09/10/11.2022: Talks at different Conferences

We presented the results of our review about pesticide resiudes in larval food jelly of the honey bee (DOI: https:doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.158095) at different conferences: EurBee9 in Belgrad, 15th ICPPR Bee Group Meeting in York, and the Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) in Berlin.The talk given at the Young Scientists Meeting was also awarded as Best-Talk.

Vortrag Review

10.08.2022: NutriBee PhD Meeting

PhD Meeting 2022

05.-07.04.2022: 69th Annual Meeting of the Institutes for Bee Research e.V.

21.-22.02.2022: Workshop Residue Analysis

08.-09.11.2021: Kick-Off-Meeting

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