17.-20.09.2023: 7th Central European Section Meeting of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects

12.-16.09.2023: 52th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society e.V.

25.05.2023: HIGRADE Konferenz 2023

Presentation of project results at the HIGARDE Conference:

Walther F, Plos C, Deilmann T, Lenk A, Römermann C,Rakosy D, Harpole WS, Hornick T, Dunker S: Spatio-temporal variation of zoophilous pollen traits within species - How diverse are pollen of insect-pollinated plants in space and time?

30.04.-04.05.2023: SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting

Poster presentiation of published results at the SETAC 2023:

Erler S, Eckert JH, Steinert M, Wueppenhorst K: Food jelly, a potential source for pesticides to harm honey bee larvae?

28.-30.03.2023: 70th Annual Meeting of the Institutes for Bee Research e.V.

In this year, all projects partner met at the AG-Meeting in Potsdam. The PhD candidates presented the first results of the project in talks and posters.

AG Tagung 2023

01.03.2023: Beenovation

Presentation of the project at the launch event "for the protection of bees and pollinator insects in agricultural landscape" Beenovation.

30.11.2022: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of all network partners took place after the first successfully year within the project.

29.11.2022: Workshop High-Throughput Analysis

The second workshop took place at the Helmholz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) at iDiv in Leipzig to promote young scientists. This time, the participants gained insight into the methodology of image-based flow cytometry with subsequent AI-supported image recognition.

09/10/11.2022: Talks at different Conferences

We presented the results of our review about pesticide resiudes in larval food jelly of the honey bee (DOI: https:doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.158095) at different conferences: EurBee9 in Belgrad, 15th ICPPR Bee Group Meeting in York, and the Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) in Berlin.The talk given at the Young Scientists Meeting was also awarded as Best-Talk.

Vortrag Review

10.08.2022: NutriBee PhD Meeting

PhD Meeting 2022

05.-07.04.2022: 69th Annual Meeting of the Institutes for Bee Research e.V.

21.-22.02.2022: Workshop Residue Analysis

08.-09.11.2021: Kick-Off-Meeting

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